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kevin j. davies

Educational Publishing Consultant

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Build your presence in the education market.

Kevin Davies has been working with educational publishers (and retailers) for over 15 years. Leveraging his background as a teacher and a principal, Kevin was a digital pioneer who built the world's first online marketplace for educational eBooks and other digital products.

In 13 years of growing and operating his business, Kevin worked with over 200 publishers worldwide - providing them not only a marketplace for their digital products, but also consultation related to the digitally changing nature of their businesses. After selling his digital distribution business in 2013, Kevin joined Teacher Created Materials as their VP of Digital Strategies for three years.

Kevin now helps educational publishers in myriad ways, including:

  • Secure Digital Distribution
  • Effective Online Marketing
  • Useful Data Mining and Management
  • Product Development

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Services & Rates

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Project Management

Rates starting at $95 / hour

Kevin Davies has spent over 20 years of managing projects - big and small. He begins every project with his signature outlook - positive and results-driven - and ensures every project is completed to your team's satisfaction.

Kevin's completed projects include:

  • Developing and implementing a new e-commerce web platform
  • Modernizing IT infrastructure
  • Re-building a company's online presence through:
    • Website redesign
    • Effective SEO
    • Social media
    • Customer newsletters
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Data Management

Rates starting at $95 / hour

Successful educational publishing companies use data every day - are you using it as effectively as you could?

Collecting data in an ongoing and thorough manner is just the first step. Mining that data in a useful, streamlined manner is equally important. Kevin Davies has designed and built data management systems for his business and others, all the while staying focused on creating solutions that are useful and sustainable.

Talk to Kevin today to explore ways to gather and use your company's data to promote stability and growth.

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Digital Distribution

Rates starting at $95 / hour

In 2000, Kevin Davies launched the world's first online marketplace for educational eBooks. His initiative began with one eStore with 100 eBooks from one publisher. When he sold the business in 2013, Kevin's marketplace had over 50,000 digital products from over 200 publishers worldwide.

Kevin understands how to create and sustain profitable digital distribution channels - a requirement in the education world. Leverage your existing intellectual property and grow revenues through secure digital distribution with his help today.

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Additional Services


Kevin Davies provides many other consulting services to educational publishers, including:

  • Website enhancements / consolidation / optimization

  • Simple, yet powerful SEO strategies

  • Effective social media management

  • Successful marketing (physical, online, or blended)

  • Implementing useful SaaS (software as a service; web-based) solutions

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Business Alliances

Kevin Davies has a number of alliances with trusted service companies, including:

  • Web-based customer and business data solutions
  • Content creation (for website and other marketing materials)
  • Data entry / conversion services (to convert paper-based customer data to digital)
  • Web development
  • Company branding / re-branding (naming, logos, etc.)
  • Graphic design
  • IT services (local, remote, and cloud-based)

For further details, please contact Kevin.


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