So, what really IS small business consulting? Why should I care?

In today's post, Kevin Davies from TecKnoQuest introduces himself and his small business consulting business.

There is an old saying that a consultant is defined as a person with a pink slip and a desk. Not the most positive description but sadly, it DOES apply to some folks. Mostly those professing to be "experts" in their chosen field(s)…

When it was first suggested that I start working with small businesses, the idea was instantly appealing. As a frequent supporter of small/independent businesses, and as someone who started, grew, and sold a small business, I felt that I could help others in this area. And equally important, I knew that I could learn a great deal (good and bad) along the way.

But how to classify myself? What title sounded professional AND helpful? One term was "coach" but that didn't really fit what I wanted to accomplish. If a business was seeking help, I wanted to be able to identify some areas to improve and then (if asked), jump right in and help. I wasn't certain a "coach" implied my willingness to help.

And the term "expert" sounded arrogant and aloof. Nope.

I settled on "consultant" as that is really want I want to do - be that outside set of eyes that looks past "this is the way we have always done it" and searches for inefficiencies and potential improvements. An impartial view of your business not grounded in allegiances or friendships - a true picture of how your business is now and what it could be like.

Does that mean that I will come in and try to find things wrong? No. It might well be that your business is running at a peak level of efficiency while preparing for growth in a controlled yet methodical manner. All aspects of personnel, operations, inventory, marketing and product/service delivery are being handled perfectly. If this is the case, I will tell you. And then I will leave and talk about your amazing business with others.

But bluntly, few small businesses are not in need to some improvements. Small adjustments, large changes - something can likely be better. After all, the goal of owning and operating a small business is always the same - do something you love and be in control; report to only yourself. A great goal, but it needs to be sustainable.

I can help you ensure that your small business is sustainable. Contact me for a free initial consultation - absolutely no strings attached.

Kevin Davies