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Kevin J. Davies


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I'm Kevin J. Davies, an executive manager with a full-time passion for growing businesses - and cycling the Lochside Trail. Since 1999, I've been growing and managing small businesses - starting with my own digital distribution eStore.

Now, I am coaching both local and global businesses on tried-and-true strategies for success.


20+ Years in the Working World

My professional life has enjoyably spanned many careers - all focused around working with people. I was a teacher first, a principal second, then an entrepreneur building and growing an online venture for teachers and parents worldwide.

In 2000, I launched my digital distribution business - the world's first marketplace for educational eBooks - and grew my business from the ground up. While growing my business, I was also fortunate to work for Apple in schools and school districts across Canada and the United States, giving me an amazing opportunity to remain connected to education.

A constant along my career path for the past 22 years has been Teacher Created Materials, one of the top medium sized educational publishers in the world. From 1995 to 2013, I worked for them as an author, a presenter/trainer, and a retailer of their high quality digital products.

After selling my digital distribution business in 2013, I joined Teacher Created Materials full-time for a three year period. While my work and life in southern California was very rewarding, "home" was calling.


Roots in Victoria

I grew up in Victoria and it has always been home for me. I recently returned here with my family after living and working in rural Saskatchewan, interior British Columbia, urban Alberta, and scenic southern California.

The great news? I don't need a map to get around Victoria. I can still find my way through the winding neighbourhoods in and around the capital region. Victoria hasn't changed very much since I left over thirty years ago. Now, it feels like home more than ever.


Let's Talk

My strategies for business success are focused on two adjectives: sustainable and affordable. Contact me today and find out how I can help your business grow and succeed.